Georgia's Colonial History

Reasons for Settlement In  Americas. . .


To begin with, many explorers came from England to the Americas to find new colonies because they thought the cities in England were becoming overcrowded. James Oglethorpe, and others argued that creating Georgia in the Americas would be both charitable and economical and would be able to protect South Carolina from the Spanish , Florida. The motto they would use was "Non sibi sed  aliis" which means " Not to herself, but for others."

In this picture the Europeans find out that
Native Americans were living in North America


Georgia was originally founded to be a place where English would send their convicts, there they would be given a fair amount of land to start a new life in a new place. Since many were prisoners when they first came to the Americas, proprietors ruled the land that they were on.To help send the Convicts over there though, the trustees of England paid for debtors to go to Georgia instead of the charities going to prison , and thought that removing debtors from England would help the economy over there , which made the trustees hope that they would produce milk and wine in the Americas to send back to England. 


    During this time period, the English began to grow rapidly. Lack of economic opportunities in England lured many people to the thought of becoming colonists in the New World. Richard Hakluyt was an English geographer who urged England to establish a foothold in the New World. Hakluyt believed that by establishing colonies, England would increase its trade and build up it's supply of gold. This economic theory was known as mercantilism. In mercantilism, the government controls trade and attempts to transfer wealth from the colonies to the parent country.
    The main goal of mercantilism is to increase the money in a country's treasure by creating a favorable balance of trade. A country has a favorable balance of trade if it has more exports than imports. Colonies were a source of goods and raw materials the "mother country" needed to maintain a good balance of trade.
Date picture from: 1492
Author of the picture: Jennifer Tanabe

Soon after everything got settled end they started trading with the Native Americans there. The Native Americans helped the produce silk, wines, spices, and semi-tropical fruit that would be sent back to England to help the economy. Another way they thought market even better for England, Georgia would provide raw materials for England's manufacturing business and thought that it would increase its trade and build up their supply of gold. Religious wise it would help spread the protestants faith in the Americas.


Since the English and Spanish had/were already in a war once and England owned the land above Georgia, now known as South Carolina, while the Spanish owned the land under Georgia, now known as Florida, they thought it would be smart to take control of the land in the middle just in case the Spanish ever thought of attacking South Carolina, they would have to go through Georgia first. Then the Mississippi River protected them from the French.  
What the currency looked like in the England Colonies.

St. Augustine

In this picture , you see that the Europeans have made houses on Native American land . Some Native Americans were not pleased with the way they tried to control North America , and tried killing them with bow and arrows .


The way the England colonies on the east coast of North America were separated.  

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