Georgia's Colonial History

Student Reflections

J.Watkins- My reflecction is that everyone worked very hard on their page and the outcome was WONDERFUL!
S.Romero- My reflection is that this project took some hard work, but it payed off.
T.Burns- My reflection is that this project was a phenominal tool to to express our creativity. In my opinion  it is a level 3 on the rigor meter.
My reflection for this project is that it was very intresting and took a lot of work but it was very fun!
B.Jenkins- My reflection for the website is that it was a great activity for our class to do. This website is very informational about the Georgia's colonial history .
F.Hendricks- My reflection is that this website has plenty of great information. This website hasn't taken us a long period of time to do, but with all of our classmates help this is a really interesting site. Enjoy!!!!!!
K. McGuire- My reflection is that there was a sufficient amount of honorable events that took place in the Colonial Period. Also, that the period included strong leaders of our state.
J. Chatman- My refleection for Savannah is that Savannah has a lot of details on their pictures and on the history of Savannah. I was really impressed to see that the information was so accurate . This project was awesome.
P.Nguyen- My reflection is that some documents were a crucial part to our assignment that provided information to further our knowledge of the colonial period. I am sure that with the time and effort we put in, I'm sure we have done such a lovely job. I loved working on this since it we had participated as a team.
R.Nguyen- I believe that we can do better and that it needed a little work on it. Could use more information on Mary Musgrove, but it was alright. Overall I think we did really well.
K.Kenny- My reflection is that this project wasnt that challenging it just took some time. everybody seemed to have a little fun in their reserch. In the end i think it looks great since everybody did their part.
I.Latimore- My reflection is that this was a great project , because we used teamwork , and also learned more . Us five all put forth efort , and in the end our page turned out nice.
E.Bell- My reflection is that everyone took time to do thier part. I think that the website will be a sucess.
M.Thrasher- My reflection was that it was great to have teamwork involved in the project and i really learned a lot.
J.Baker- My reflection was that this project was a good way to learn about Georgia's history.
N. Brown- My reflection is that I feel that our website is really informational, on the Savannah, and Charter of 1732. It was also very visual. I am glad that we did this project because I now have a greater knowledge of my home state.  
K. Funches- My reflection is that this project was a good way for all of us to learn about Georgia's Colonial History, and getting to know where we live and how we came about.
J. Sims- My reflection is that it was a great site. I enjoyed all of the extra things like the crosswords.
A. Alarcon- My reflection is that it was a good site, we found more informaton on the topic we had.
Z. Jewell- My reflection is that this website was a good way to learn about georgia's colonial history. It has alot of valueable informatoion and it was a fun and rigorous way to learn.
K. Garrett- My reflection is that during this assignment it wasn't hard but took alot of time. I enjoyed working in a group but some people really didn't contribute to the website.
S. Bright- My reflection is that my group project was not as difficult as I suspected. I thought that the project was going to be very rigorous,I had a good group and a good topic.